Extra Virgin Sesame Oil / Minyak Bijan 1000ml
(Wood Cold Pressed / Perahan Sejuk)


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Size: 1000 ml
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100% Pure, Natural & Unrefined

Why Ammani’s wood cold pressed Extra Virgin Sesame or Gingelly oil (Ammani Naattu Mara Chekku):

✅ 100% WOOD Cold-Pressed
✅ Ancient and traditional method using Wood (Vagai Mara Chekku)
✅ Natural, Pure & Unrefined
✅ Great for Cooking, Frying, Baking, Drink a spoonful & used Externally

❌ No Chemical
❌ No Preservatives
❌ No Trans-fat
❌ No Solvents or Toxins

Videos on Benefits of Extra Virgin Sesame Oil in English / Tamil


  • accreditions

    FSSAI – Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

  • Halal India by a JAKIM Recognized Foreign Halal Certification Body
  • agmark

    Agmark, Govt of India – Certification mark employed on agricultural products

  • Vegetarian Certificate by GVCS

100% Asli, Tradisional & Halal

Kelebihan Minyak Bijan Ammani:

✅ 100% Asli, Tiada Bahan Kimia
✅ Diproses dengan teknik perahan sejuk Tradisional
✅ Minyak Kualiti Premium
✅ Halal – Badan Pensijilan Halal India yang diiktiraf JAKIM
✅ Sesuai untuk diminum, digunakan secara luaran untuk rambut/kulit dan digunakan dalam memasak

❌ Tiada Bahan Kimia
❌ Tiada Bahan Pengawet
❌ Tiada Lemak Trans
❌ Tiada Pelarut / Toksin


  • accreditions

    FSSAI – Badan pensijilan Keselamatan Dan Kualiti Makanan Kerajaan India

  • Halal India – Badan pensijilan Halal India yang diiktiraf JAKIM
  • agmark

    Agmark – Tanda pensijilan produk pertanian yang diiktirafkan oleh Kerajaan India

  • Vegetarian – Tanda pensijilan dari GVCS
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Traditional “chekku” consist of a fixed stone bottom and the pestle is made up of a special wood called “vagai”. In traditional wood chekku, the seeds are crushed with a wooden pestle. This technique is called cold pressing the oil out of the seed which does not involve the generation of heat.

Hence, room temperature is maintained and it can be achieved only if traditional wooden churner is used and extracted by a slow mechanical process. Since the oil is not heated, it retains all the natural micronutrients, vitamins, flavor, color and texture.


Sesame Oil, also known as Gingelly oil is derived from sesame seeds and has been used across the states of South India for many decades as cooking oil. Whereas in Middle Eastern, African, and Southeast Asian cuisines Sesame seed oil is mostly used as a flavour enhancer. Naturally, pure sesame oil has a potent bitter taste. Thus during the our TRADITIONAL and NATURAL extraction process, we use a small but precise quantity of Palm Jaggery (Panamkarupatti in Tamil) to overcome the bitterness and make it more palatable. Used as a cooking medium or flavour enhancer, this oil comes with a variety of health benefits.

Extra Virgin Sesame Seed Oil Benefits:

  1. Improves cholesterol levels :
    Sesame seed oil prevents atherosclerotic lesions and hence, is beneficial for the heart health. Also presence of healthy fatty acids in Extra Virgin Sesame Oil can reduce LDL cholesterol while keeping HDL cholesterol up at healthy level. As good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) increases, thus reduce the risk of heart disease.
  2. Oil pulling with sesame oil :
    The ancient practice of oil pulling with Sesame Oil kills bad bacteria in the mouth, candida (a fungi species) that cause oral thrush, protects teeth and gums. Regular oil pulling also helpful against gingivitis.
  3. Sesame oil for face care :
    Due to its emollient properties consist of a special micronutrient called sesamol Extra Virgin Sesame Oil improves the skin texture, by making it softer, smoother and moisturizes the skin. The application is quite simple, where it should be applied directly to the facial skin.
  4. Anti-cancer properties :
    A lignin called sesamin is responsible for the anti-cancer effect of sesame seed oil.
  5. As massage oil :
    Although slightly heavier than other massage oils, Extra Virgin Sesame Seed Oil still can be used for a massage mainly for detoxifying the body through the skin. Sesame oil massage detoxifies the body by help removing numerous environmental toxins and internal toxins.
  6. Sesame oil improves hair appearance :
    Extra Virgin Sesame Oil makes a great massage for scalp. Sesame oil deep conditions the scalp and improves the health of hair follicles. It also help to get rid of head lice, prevents graying of hair in early age apart from promote hair growth.
  7. Promotes intestinal health :
    Regular consumption of Extra Virgin Sesame Seed Oil helps to improve intestinal health. It may also improve certain inflammatory conditions of the alimentary canal and also helpful in treating intestinal obstruction.
  8. Magnesium and diabetes :
    Extra Virgin Sesame Seed Oil has magnesium which helps regulate blood sugar to reduce the risk of insulin resistance. It is a nutrient that the body needs to stay healthy. Use sesame oil for cooking and enjoy its benefits.

Minyak BIJAN merupakan hasil yang diperolehi dari proses menekan biji bijan. Ia diketahui mengandungi paras antioksidan yang tinggi, kaya dengan vitamin dan pelbagai khasiat. Ia boleh digunakan dalam masakan, untuk kesihatan dan juga kecantikan.

Minyak Bijan Ammani berkualiti tinggi dan diiktiraf HALAL (Badan Pensijilan Halal India yang diiktiraf JAKIM). Minyak bijan halal Ammani dihasilkan melalui kaedah ekstrak sejuk / perahan sejuk (cold pressed). Tambahan pula, proses perahan minyak Ammani menggunakan sejenis kayu yang berkualiti dalam perubatan Tradisional untuk menekan buah atau bijian untuk mengeluarkan minyak. Proses ini dilakukan tanpa bantuan haba atau kimia (chemical).

Kaedah ini menjadikan kualiti minyak Ammani jauh lebih istimewa dan premium. Perahan sejuk menggunakan kayu merupakan teknik tradisional yang mampu menghasilkan minyak kelapa dara/bijan/kacang tanah yang berkualiti premium di mana nutrisi, vitamin dan protein penting yang wujud secara semulajadi dalam minyak dilindungi dan dikekalkan. Dijamin 100% tulen.


1– Membantu mengurangkan tekanan
2– Membantu mengurangkan paras gula
3– Membantu menganjalkan kulit wajah
4– Manfaat untuk kulit dan rambut
5– Membantu sebagai perlindungan radiasi cahaya matahari
6– Membantu kesihatan gusi
7– Membantu mengurangkan pembentukan plak gigi
8– Membantu dalam rawatan Tumit Kaki yang Pecah dan Merekah
9– Membantu dalam rawatan kekurangan zat besi dan Zink
10– Membantu kesihatan tulang
11– Fungsi sebagai ANTIVIRAL dan Antibakteria


Siapa Boleh Ambil Minyak Bijan Ammani:

Secara umum sesuai untuk semua orang

Additional information


1 Ltr


Safely packed in high quality Food Grade Plastic Bottles

Ammani Oils are manufactured using WOOD COLD PRESSED method which is always at ROOM TEMPERATURE. As such, it is safe to be packed in high quality Food Grade Plastic Bottles.

Best before

24 months from manufactured date. See the label for more details.


You may notice sediment of the ingredients in oil due its Unrefinement


1000 ml